I like to think I never forget the 3 main motives of Design, Value and Function for all of my clients providing them with a unique design which is also practical and within their budget.

Motive Interior Standard Terms & Conditions

1. Contract
a) Acceptance by you (the client) of a quotation forms a contract between us Motive Interiors and you (the client)
b)The following conditions of business apply to this contract unless varied by either party in writing prior to commencement of manufacturing or any associated works.

2. Drawings
a) Motive Interiors provides initial design proposal drawings free of charge to you (the client) however design drawings produced may be charged for if left with a client prior to a contract agreement. In all cases if a fee is charged for any design drawings pre-contract this will be refunded IN FULL on confirmation of the contract and payment of the deposit.

b) We will provide design and manufacturing drawings the copyright of which remains with Motive Interiors until either a separate design fee is paid or a completed installation is paid for in full by you.
However you are not allowed to sell or pass on your rights to the design or any copyrights or patents belonging to us in the design.

c) On confirmation of a contract and after receipt of the deposit Motive Interiors will produce detailed manufacturing drawings including any amendments requested for your (the clients) approval and signature of these drawings prior to manufacturing.

3. Extra Works/Variations
a) Any additional works or variations from the agreed contract will be charged separately and must be agreed in writing prior to them being carried out. Any verbal site works instruction will not be acted upon until written confirmation is received from you (the client) to carry out the additional works and the additional cost provided by Motive Interiors been agreed with you (the client)
b) Any amendments or variations requested by you (the client) after your approval (as item 2c above) of the manufacturing drawings will be accommodated after confirmation and agreement in writing of any possible increased costs and whether the manufacturing process is at a suitable stage to make the requested alterations.
c) If in the event you (the client) insist on the alterations or amendments regardless of costs and the stage of manufacturing, Motive Interiors will endeavor to accommodate whatever you (the client) requests on the understanding that any wasted materials and manufacturing time will also be paid by you (the client) in addition to the actual cost of the additional works.

4. Survey
a) No fee is charged for an initial survey and meeting with you ( the client) to discuss you requirements. This excludes any location more than 200 miles from Hythe where travel costs will be charged.
b) For clients whose projects involve extensive building works Motive Interiors also provides a Survey and Feasibility Design service to inform you of any potential structural, architectural and general building issues prior to interior works being agreed.
c) A Building Survey and Feasibility study of your premises is charged to you as a separate fee.
d) At the discretion of Motive Interiors this fee can be refunded in full or part to you (the client) on confirmation of contract works.

5. Design Responsibility
a) Motive Interiors will not be held liable for any issues and costs which may arise due to any structural, architectural, building or associated problems with your (the clients) building or premises which may interfere with our installation and not notified to us by you (the client) prior to installation.
b) If a Survey and Feasibility Design study of your building or premises is carried out by Motive Interiors we will notify you of any potential structural, architectural and associated issues with an estimate of approximate costs involved prior to any interior works being carried out. We will not be held responsible for any issues or associated costs that the Survey and Feasibility Study may reveal.

6. Payment
a) Standard terms of payment are 50% deposit, 40% one week prior to delivery, 10% on completion.
b) The standard terms may vary at the discretion of Motive Interiors with a repeat client or on the size and nature of a particular contract.
c) Any sums not paid on or by the due date will carry interest at 2% per month, calculated monthly until paid plus an administration fee of £50 per month for each monthly statement of account issued.
d) All interest and administration fees will incur compound interest and costs until full payment is received.

5. Transfer of Title
a) Title of goods remains with Motive Interiors at all times until paid for as per the contractural agreement with you (the client) in full. Motive Interiors may remove any furniture installed or goods at your (the clients) premises if payment is not received within the agreed dated staged payments. Costs of removal incurred by any such action as a result of non payment will be charged to you (the client).