Clients are increasingly enjoying the benefits of an office or special room in the garden. Increasingly these are also being used as ideal accommodation for elderly relatives giving independence yet security in a lovely wooden fully insulated ‘Garden Cottage’. We work in association with a specialist supplier of these structures including camping pods and can supply these ready fitted out.
They are assembled and the interior fully fitted out to a design we have agreed with you and your relatives prior to delivery. ‘Glamping pods’ are also very popular and we have supplied the local zoo with several of these, fully fitted and ready to be enjoyed.

The Benefits

  • Individually designed 
  • No planning permission
  • No VAT
  • Quality controlled factory prefabrication
  • 3 weeks site erection 
  • 12 weeks from order to completion
  • Complete design, install and fit out package
  • Cheaper and less disruption than traditional build
  • Guaranteed completion date
  • Guaranteed total cost
  • Able to be moved in the future
  • No brainer!

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I like to think I never forget the 3 main motives of Design, Value and Function for all of my clients providing them with a unique design which is also practical and within their budget.

Mike Midlebrook